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About us

About Rain-Go

Rain-Go has been in business since 1998 and has been a member of the BBB with an A+ rating since 1998. Rain-Go has dominated Angie’s List Super Service Awards winning the last 7 years from 2007 to current 2017. The Super Service Award is only given to the top 5% of contractors who meet the stringent guidelines of the Angie’s List Members.

The owner, Tim Howell has surrounded himself with a team of seasoned, dedicated and skilled craftsmen. Tim holds a NC General Contractor’s License #65388 and has been accused of being a perfectionist. He contributes the success of Rain-Go to his handpicked team of craftsmen who take honor and pride in every job they complete. Tim completes all of his own estimates and spends time with the customer educating them in the aspects of the job they desire from a general contractors point of view. He truly desires the customer to feel comfortable and safe in choosing Rain-Go to complete the job knowing the quality will be present and the job done to the highest standards. It has been said that a company can be measured by how it not only deals with the pleasantries of the business but the difficulties as well. Tim measures carefully how to respond to both in a manner that always provides the utmost in customer satisfaction.

Our Warranties

10 Year Warranty on Craftsmanship

Rain-Go Exteriors guarantees their workmanship for a period of 10 years on all seamless gutter, architectural gutter and nose-over guard gutter protection systems. This is a transferable warranty for the duration specified above. Rain-Go Exteriors guarantees the workability of these products for a period of 10 years. If for any reason during the 10 year limited warranty period there’s a problem due to the workmanship of the product Rain-Go Inc. will repair it at no charge to you. Rain-Go Exteriors guarantees that the nose-over guard gutter protection system will not clog for a period of 10 years. If it ever does Rain-Go Exteriors will clean your gutter system for free! Rain-Go Exteriors does not guarantee against problems that are caused by but not limited to short shingles, Acts of God, damage caused by others, improper maintenance, etc. With the nose-over guard no clog guarantee, Rain-Go Exteriors guarantees that the gutter will not clog. Rain-Go Exteriors does not guarantee that leaves and debris will not collect on roofs and valleys. It is the homeowners responsibility to keep these areas clean and free of debris. *Notice: If the homeowner or any other individual, “contractor”, “handy man” manipulates or removes any section of gutter or guards that Rain-Go Exteriors has installed, this will void your warranty.

20 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Rain-Go Exteriors offers a 20 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Call us today at (919) 875-0700 or fill out the form for a free quote!

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