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My house, as built, didn’t have any gutters on the front or side, and I never wanted to install them because I thought it would make the house loose some of its charm. But the gutters that Rain-Go put in are beautiful, just like those marketing photos you see on the Internet. I mean, the colors match the trim, the shingles run seamlessly onto the gutter covers, all the trim and detail is just perfect. My wife makes fun of me since I’m always bragging about my new gutters, and standing in the front yard admiring them. Since they were installed, there have been a couple of heavy rainstorms, and I’ve walked around with an umbrella in hand to see how the gutters work, and they’re just perfect. I just look at the way everyone else’s gutters are clogged with the fall leaves–and mine aren’t.

After taking a close look at the work Tim’s team did, I’m really impressed at how good of a job they did. You get so used to seeing other contractors cut corners, do things incorrectly, or don’t fix things that it’s a pleasant surprise when a company like Rain-Go steps in and does things right, repairs things that would’ve become a long-term problem, but which a lot of contractors sweep under the carpet. Tim’s team is neat, professional, and very knowledgeable. They take pride in doing things right, and everything they do just looks professional. If you’ve ever watched “This Old House”, and wish you had the guys on the TV show come out to do your place, Rain-Go is it–it’s just like having the PBS TV team come out, minus the cameras. They know so much more than how to do gutters–they can do just about anything. Everybody on the team has worked together for years–there are are none of those drifter guys who work in construction who do sloppy work on Tim’s team, and to top it off, Tim supervisors them personally, as he only keeps on staff one team of workers. These guys are about the only ones who’ve ever done work on the outside of my house who I’d trust entirely to say to them, “Hey, just take care of this for me”, and everything would be done right without me having to check up on them.

I’m sure you could save a few dollars by going with a lower bidder, but I guarantee that the other team won’t do as good a job as Rain-Go.