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Carol C.

Carol C.

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This a letter of recommendation for RAIN GO, I recently had problem with water in my bathroom, from water dripping down from the windowsill, I called them up and they came to inspect my window and low and behold I had no wrapping on my house, They said I had no wrapping and I needed this to remedy the problem, I said go ahead and do what you need to do, they were the utmost professional group of men to have doing work on my house. I COULD NOT FATHOM WHAT THEY DID, They worked on it for the day, and when they were finished you could not even tell that anything was done or disturbed. My backyard, porch and grass looked like nobody was even here. THEY DID AN IMMACULATE JOB OF CLEANING UP THEIR WORK. Not even a nail was to be found. I highly recommend them if you need any work to be done on your house. They are a jack of all trades, I was grateful for their quick response to my problem. Thank you very much Rain Go.

Angier North Carolina