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I’m a full-time engineer and a do-it-yourselfer and place high standards for quality workmanship on what I do and what I pay others to do. I have contracted out many types of jobs out in my house over the years that I didn’t have time for which include: sheet rock, tile, interior painting, large screened in porch. As you know it’s not easy finding quality contractors and its extremely painful when you don’t. Even if someone else had a good experience with a contractor there is no guarantee you will have the same experience. I can give you many war stories regarding several contractors that I thought would be great but had to fire because of poor workmanship or just were difficult to work with. This is not the type of experience you want. Regarding this large job, I had been contemplating (actually procrastinating) exterior work on my house for years. My roof was 17 years old and looking shabby, the masonite siding was rotting in various areas, several window sills and brick molding had wood rot in various spots, the soffits and fascia boards were rotting, I was tired an cleaning out the gutters 12-15 times a year, plus I wanted to replace my windows. I was torn with how much of the work I could reasonable do myself versus how much to contract out. After much debate between myself and wife (mostly myself), quotes with various companies, and realizing I would have to give up my weekends for the next three years to get all this work done – I ultimately felt confident to turn this work over to Tim at Rain-Go. We’ll almost. I decided to give the roof work to another contractor because his price was reasonably less and he also gave me the confidence of good workmanship. The roofer also had good reviews from neighbors. We discussed the roof job for 7 months! When it finally came down to coordinating the exact start date and other details his flexibility and my confidence level in him began to diminish. Finally he wouldn’t work with on the “no large trucks in my driveway” stipulation because I have had concrete busted in the past. Needless to say he backed out of his commitment two days before he was supposed to start! I was really mad but by this time I had gotten to know Tim and his workers and was happy to offer him the work. Tim went through hoops to rearrange his roofers to accommodate this last minute contractor glitch and I ultimately felt much better that he was doing to work. The amount of anxiety and problems that can be avoided by giving all your work to a single contractor will be greatly reduced!! There is a lot that can go wrong when different contractors are doing work that’s closely coupled, like siding, painting, gutters, roofing, and windows. You will sleep better at night during the project and after the work is complete when you have someone you can trust that has high standards of workmanship, even if it is slightly more expensive. Trust can’t be assumed it must be earned. Tim and his entire team at Rain-Go earned our trust. My wife and I highly recommend Tim for siding, gutters, painting, gutter guards, and roofing!