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Rain-Go installed gutters on my new house and installed leaf guards in a section of the gutter.

I moved into a new house on June 1, 2014 . Did not realized that Johnston County does not require gutters in their building code thus I missed that opportunity to negotiate gutters before closing on the house. In September I contacted three companies to provide estimates for the installation. The first company gave me a big song and dance routine but at the end did not provide me with the estimate because “my spouse was traveling” and they wanted both persons present. The second company also provided a nice show to impress me and provided an estimate that was way out of proportion with regards to what the job would cost. I had priced the cost of materials at LOWE’S and knew about how long it would take for the install. Finally Tim from Rain-Go came in a went straight to showing me what he has to offer as far as materials and gave me some insights into gutters. He was right on point and knowledgeable. His estimate of the work was right on! My decision was made to go with Rain-Go because of the over 300 comments on Angie’s List coupled with the reasonable price provided.

The experience I had the day of install was positive. They crew was of a friendly demeanor and professional. At the end they asked me to walk the job with the foreman. I requested a couple of 45 degree bends to dump water in my driveway and they were quick to satisfy my request.

A couple of weeks later and after torrential rains I noticed one of the valleys in the roof was collecting and shooting water with so much force that it was shooting over the gutter. I called that morning and the crew showed up in the afternoon and corrected the problem to my satisfaction. I am pleased with their work and workmanship and will use them any time the need arises for any work for which they specialize.

Overall a great experience!