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The World Famous Tim Howell met me at our property and thoroughly explained my options in regards to property drainage and location of the downspouts.

Tim noticed a future roof drainage issue that could arise where the roof and garage met. Our inspector had noted this in a prior report. Tim recommended a custom gutter arrangement that resolve any future issues. It would be a small 2′ section of gutter that would drain to a predetermined downpipe. Other companies hadn’t even mentioned this but I agreed that this would be a great idea to alleviate future roof problems.

I asked if he could help with a bathroom vent pipe sleeve that was coming loose from the roof as well as some singles at the roof peak that were damaged from prior aluminum fascia installation. Without hesitation he said he’d take care of it at no charge. His installers showed up on time and were completely finished in 3 hours. Excellent work guys and I apologize for the late review.

I will definitely use Tim for future repairs and upgrades!