At Rain-Go we realize the consumer has many options in gutter guards. The owner Tim Howell is a NC Licensed General  Contractor who feels strongly in educating the homeowner regarding the different guard options.

Chapel Hill Nose-Over Gutter Guard & Gutter Covers

At Rain-Go we use a nose-over guard system that has an outstanding performance and a 10 yr. clog free warranty.

chapel hill gutter guardschapel hill NC gutter guardsgutter guards chapel hill

Review our nose-over guard photo gallery  to see how our guards blend into the exterior almost appearing as crown molding.  You can also read our guard reviews from our customers on Angie’s List and Google. The nose-over guards come in several different colors and are very pleasing to the eye also as Tim matches the guards to the roof line so they blend in effortlessly with the entire home.

Perforated Gutter Guards

Perforated Gutter Guards are another option and are better than nothing but are only appropriate in certain situations. The steel or aluminum panels lay flat in your gutter and look like spaghetti noodle strainers.

chapel hill perforated gutter guardschapel hill perforated gutter guards

These guards are high maintenance and have to be turned over and cleansed thoroughly  in order to remove the buildup of waste. The tops have to be cleaned off due to debris buildup also. If the homeowner fails to maintain this system, the system will fail you!

If you are tired of cleaning out your gutters and desire a guard system that actually is functional with a 10 yr. clog free warranty then call or e-mail Rain-Go today!

  • We are a NC Licensed General Contracting Firm
  • Our warranties are the best in the industry with a 10 year workmanship and 20 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • We use only the best materials and all employees are full time
  • We are ranked #1 on Angie’s List for Gutter Repair & Replacement in the Triangle area
  • We have been in business over 17 years and are fully insured

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