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Water Damage Prevention

An inch of rainfall does not sound like much but will produce 1,900 gallons of water on an average size roof.

Many Raleigh homeowners now capture this precious resource to utilize in their landscaping or to store in underground reservoirs. Other homeowners bury corrugated pipes to control the water and some just allow the water to flow freely from the downspouts out onto the property. The most important aspect is that they are capturing the water from a functional gutter system.

Gutters Control Water and Reduce It’s Damage

The end results from a failing gutter system are always costly and completely preventable. Water will damage and rot everything in its path which includes: fascia, sub-fascia, soffit, siding, doors and windows. There are measures that a homeowner can take to prevent this damage.

First inspect your gutter system for:

  • any leaks
  • separations from your fascia
  • wind or hail damage or;
  • anything else physically that you can view

Take a look at the sloping and pitch of your gutter as this is most important to avoid back draining and standing water in your gutter.

We recommend to observe your system while it is raining for overflow or water flowing behind the gutter.

Lastly, have your entire gutter system cleaned, including your downspouts at least twice yearly. Failure to properly clean your Raleigh gutters will vastly contribute to wood rot and other water related damage to your home.

Other Factors that Contribute to Poor Gutter Function

Homeowners with trees face more of a challenge in maintaining a clean gutter system. There are many gutter guard options on the market to choose from but at Rain-Go we use a reverse curve nose over system that comes with a 10 yr. clog free warranty.

Call on the Raleigh Gutter Professionals to Service Your Home!

If you desire to see us in action and I do mean us as we do not use subcontractors, then check out our videos on YouTube. We have made before/after videos of 5 inch and 6 inch gutters in all colors along with our nose over guards.

Once you have seen how we complete our clients projects, give us a call or complete the online contact form today to have a consultation with a Rain-Go Exteriors professional.

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