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Roofing, Gutter Installation & Repairs Durham

Your Durham, NC Roofing Company

Rain-Go Exteriors is a general contractor providing Durham roof replacement services. We also provide everything you need when it comes to your roofing, gutter, siding, and exterior construction needs. Our president has worked hard to put together a highly skilled team of employees that get the job done. We are known for our superior craftsmanship with long-lasting results. Rain-Go works with both residential and commercial buildings throughout Durham and surrounding areas.

How Does Wind and Rain Affect a Building’s Rooftop?

There are several signs that your home or business in Durham, N.C., requires a roof repair or replacement. While roofs last for many years, the items degrade eventually, and horrible weather conditions such as torrential rainstorms or high winds can tear away materials such as shingles and insulation.

Roof Damage Can Affect Other Nearby Materials

At the same time, the materials near the roof such as the eaves, siding and gutters also degrade or become damaged. You might have a problem with a building’s roof without noticing it, and in order to see a rooftop, you must climb on a long extension ladder. Alternatively, you can contact a local roofing contractor who can provide an expert inspection to help you understand what is wrong with a roof.

What Are the Signs Of a Roofing Problem?

Here are a few signs that can indicate there is a roofing problem at a commercial or residential property.

Bad Roof Sign 1: Hearing Noises From a Rooftop or Attic

If you hear noises from a rooftop, then there are often loose shingles or insulating materials that are flapping when the wind blows. This can occur from the slow degradation of the roof or from a bad storm that has torn away some of the materials. Alternatively, you may hear noises in the attic of a building, and this can indicate that animals are entering a small hole in a rooftop. Either one of these situations requires an immediate repair to prevent additional damage to a building’s wood foundation and drywall.

Bad Roof Sign 2: Seeing Water Damage On the Roofs and Walls

Look at a building’s ceilings and walls to find water spots or mold that can indicate a roof is leaking moisture. In some cases, this type of damage is caused by leaking water pipes, but you should contact a contractor to determine if the roof is damaged. If a building’s roof is leaking, then the problem will get progressively worse, leading to additional damage to the drywall, electrical wiring and wood.

Bad Roof Sign 3: Problems With a Building’s Chimney or Furnace

When a roof is degrading, it can damage a building’s chimney or ductwork. If you notice problems with a fireplace’s chimney or the furnace, then you should have the rooftop inspected immediately. When a building’s ductwork or chimney is in bad condition, it is possible for carbon monoxide to build up inside a building, and this is a dangerous situation. For this type of problem, you will need a roofing repair or full roof replacement in addition to fixing the chimney and ductwork.

Providing Expert Rooftop Inspections

At Rain-Go Exteriors, we offer roof inspections, roof repairs and roof replacements for residential and commercial buildings in Durham, N.C. When a client contacts us about a roofing problem, we can arrange an appointment for a complete inspection of the building’s roof, siding, gutters and eaves. Our technicians will take videos of the roof so that you can see and understand the problems that require a repair.

Offering Emergency Roof Repair and Replacement

In addition to providing routine roofing repairs and replacements, property owners and managers can contact us for emergency problems that occur after a storm. Not only can rain and high winds damage a rooftop, but also, a tree can fall on a roof, causing extensive damage that requires immediate repair.

Have a Long-term Guarantee On Materials and Workmanship

Roofs are complicated structures, and each one has a unique shape that requires a specialized repair. Tim Howell of Rain-Go Exteriors believes in using the highest quality insulation materials and shingles on the roofs of businesses or homes. Every roof repaired or replaced by Rain-Go Exterior’s technicians has a 10-year guarantee on the workmanship and a 20-year guarantee on the materials.

Call For a Free Quote

Property owners can contact Rain-Go Exteriors for a free quote concerning roofing repairs or replacements. Rain-Go Exteriors is fully insured, and every roofing technician is certified to work on commercial or residential properties. Call us today at 919-875-0700 to learn more about the services provided by Rain-Go Exteriors located in North Carolina.

Residential & Commercial Services in Durham:

  • Roofing:

    What begins as a small leak can turn into a huge problem. Call Rain-Go Exteriors at the first sign of water damage – before it forms mildew or continues to spread throughout your home.

  • Siding:

    Replacing and repairing siding is a detailed job where many contractors slip up. Rain-Go’s highly skilled team take every measure to level and nail siding to each wall, prevent mold, and seal each seam for a thorough, quality job.

  • Gutters:

    Aside from repairing your gutters, we also offer cleaning and installations.

  • Exteriors:

    We additionally have experience in carpentry, wood working, and other exterior repairs and construction.

Give us a call at (919) 875-0700 to learn more about our residential and commercial services in Durham!

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