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Roofing Installation & Repairs Raleigh

Your Raleigh Roof Repair & NC Roofing Company

raleigh roofingAre you looking for a Raleigh roof repair company that will deliver durable, quality results? Many homeowners choose Rain-Go Exteriors over other Raleigh roofing companies for the following reasons:

  • We are CertainTeed Master Shingle Applicator certified company
  • Tim Howell holds a NC General Contractor’s License #65388
  • We use only the best materials, like Atlas Shingles, to prevent algae growth
  • Our warranties are the best in the industry with a 10 year workmanship and 20 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • All of our employees are full time and meet Rain-Go’s standards
  • We have been in business since 1998 and are fully insured
  • Known to be the Best Raleigh Roofer

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Tim Howell, the owner of Rain-Go Exteriors, is a Licensed General Contractor. With the goal of selecting a highly skilled team, he has hand picked and carefully screened each member. Our well-trained staff is capable of improving any exterior for your home or commercial building. Roof Repair Company Raleigh

We offer roof replacements, roofing repair services, roof repair, replacement of your rotten wood, fascia/soffit, siding, and gutters/guards. We offer window and door repair, and we will even build your deck or screen porch. Roofing Company Raleigh

Find out what our satisfied clients have to say by visiting our customer reviews page!roofing-contractor-in-raleigh-nc

Residential & Commercial Roofing Services

A leaky roof can cost you thousands of dollars in damage. Even the smallest leaks can ruin insulation, sheetrock, electrical components, flooring, and more. Additionally, moisture will promote the growth of mold and mildew, reducing air quality. Look into roofing repair estimates immediately, before a minor problem causes expensive damage to your home or health issues with you and your family.

  • Do you have a leaky roof?
  • Do you have damaged shingles that need to be replaced?
  • Are you building a new home and need a roofing company?
  • Is your roof more than 15 years old and starting to show wear?
  • Do you want to change the look of your home with a new roof?
  • Do you need an experienced reliable roofing contractor in Raleigh that you can trust?

If your answer was yes to one or more of those questions, we can help! The team at Rain-Go Exteriors in Raleigh realizes a roof is a big investment. Whether you need new shingles installed on your roof or a full roof replacement, you can depend on our professionals for a fast and thorough job. Our team has the skills and expertise for projects involving any type of roofing system.

Moisture can affect shingled roofs in a number of ways, depending on what form the moisture takes.  The three different forms of moisture are liquid, solid and vapor (gas). Let’s look at how they can affect asphalt shingles.

  • Liquid:  In the forms of raindrops and roof runoff, liquids can loosen granules and carry them away.  Trapped moisture from precipitation that has found its way beneath the roofing can cause the roof sheathing to decay, weakening its ability to support shingles and hold fasteners.  Liquid water that finds its way into a home can cause both cosmetic and structural damage to a variety of materials. Wind-driven rain is a common source of leaks.
  • Solid:  As ice, moisture can form dams that cause melt-water to back up between shingles, creating leaks. Efforts to remove ice dams may damage shingles.
  • Gas:  Moisture in its gaseous state is called moisture vapor.  Cooking, bathing, washing clothes, and even human respiration all put moisture into the indoor air. All the water used to water plants will eventually wind up in the indoor air. If the water vapor has no good route to the home’s exterior, comfort levels and air quality can decline.

Moisture vapor can also enter the home from outside. Inadequate attic or roof venting practices can cause moisture from hot and humid outdoor air to condense on roof framing. This condensate can then be moved into the home by gravity and gradient forces.

Effects of Moisture

One of the most important forces through which moisture affects roofs is absorption. Absorption is similar to wicking and capillary action. It’s what happens when a sponge fills with water.
Roof decks expand and contract while absorbing moisture as a liquid or vapor, and then drying. This can lead to buckling or splitting of the shingles.
Shingles may absorb moisture from beneath or from around the edges. This is especially true with organic shingle mats that become more absorbent as they age and lose volatiles. Uneven absorption of moisture can cause shingles to deform in different ways.

“Curling,” “cupping” and “clawing” describe different types of distortion of individual shingles, although most adjacent shingles will be similar in appearance because they have been exposed to similar conditions. The photos below show different examples of organic shingle deformation.
You’ll often see fairly uniform conditions across entire slopes but different conditions on slopes facing
other directions. South- and west-facing slopes usually have the most severe damage, although these sometimes tend to be in the best shape because they will have already been replaced.

“Alligatoring” and “fishmouth” are general terms that describe extreme distortion of shingles once they’ve reached a stage of advanced deterioration. Although you’ll hear these terms used in the roofing industry, it’s probably best to avoid using them in an inspection report. Most clients will not understand what they mean, and the same is true for attorneys and judges. Most people understand the term “distortion,” so you’ll communicate more effectively by describing the shingles as showing minor, moderate or extreme distortion. You should mention that distortion is a result of the aging process common to organic shingles.
When you look at distorted shingles, remember that shingles expand as they absorb moisture and shrink as they dry. The edges of shingles lose volatiles more quickly than the rest of the shingle. The edges are also more exposed to moisture than the middle portions. This means that the edges will absorb moisture and dry (moisture cycling) to a greater extent than the middle portions of the shingles.
When different parts of the shingle absorb different amounts of moisture and then dry at different rates, shingles will distort according to the laws of physics.

Eventually, this moisture cycling will cause delamination, starting at the shingles’ edges.
Ice Dams
Ice dams can be a problem in cold climate zones. They form when heat from poorly insulated homes melts the underside of snowpack on the roof.
Snowmelt runs down the roof until it passes the exterior wall. Once it meets the cold portion of the roof at the overhang, it re-freezes. Over time, an accumulation of ice will form a dam that can cause snowmelt to pool and eventually find its way back up beneath roofing materials to create a leak.
Ice from ice dams seldom, if ever, damages asphalt shingles. Damage related to ice dams is more likely to be caused by someone trying to remove the ice, often with a shovel.
One way to restore roof drainage is to fill a nylon stocking with an ice-melting product and place it across the ice dam, with one end hanging slightly over the roof edge. This will melt a channel through which snowmelt can run off the roof.

Select the Right Raleigh Roofing Contractor for your project today at (919) 875-0700 or fill out the form for a free quote!

raleigh roof repairHow To Choose a Contractor For Your Raleigh Roofing Project

Buying a new roof system is a major investment in your home, so consumers should always educate themselves on the different aspects of each business. The first step is choosing a reputable, licensed roofing company for the job.

Licensed Raleigh Roofing Contractor with Warranties

The contractor should be licensed in the state they’ll be working in and have the financial resources to service any warranties offered. You can obtain this information from the Raleigh Better Business Bureau, which monitors a company’s performance and complaints filed by consumers. You also can verify the contractor’s license through your state board of general contractors.

Well-trained Employees

Make sure you ask to be sure the people working on your home are qualified roofing employees. At Rain-Go Exteriors, our team members are carefully selected so that we can provide excellent service from experienced trade professionals.

Proof of Workers Compensation and General Liability

Check the business’s policy closely to ensure it is not a “Ghost Policy”, or ask the insurance company about coverage. “Ghost Policies” are worthless policies that only cover the contractor if audited- aka no coverage for subcontractor’s completing the work. In these situations, subcontractors may go after your homeowners’ insurance for injuries.

Rain-Go has been in the roofing and construction industry since 1998, and we have heard and witnessed plenty of horror stories from choosing less-than-reputable roofing companies. These stories range from lawsuits of subcontractors pursuing homeowners insurance to roofs in Raleigh held together by nothing but duct tape over rotten plywood.

Why You Should Choose our Roofing Company in Raleigh

Rain-Go Exteriors has been in the roofing replacement and repair industry since 1998.

How does a construction company stay in the roofing business for that long with so many changes happening in the industry? The answer is quite simple. Our customers keep us in business! There are still consumers that demand quality above anything else, and at Rain-Go Exteriors we fulfill that need in the Raleigh roofing industry.

Our customers know the names of our craftsmen on their roof and actually share their concerns with us. Can you say that about any of the other roofing companies you have seen in your neighborhood? Our customers enjoy speaking with the owner himself before contracting the roofing job, during the job, and after the job.

We realize that our friendly relationships with customers are a foreign concept to many.  Unlike many businesses, we take pride in taking care of our employees.


We make a difference in employees’ and their families’ lives. Our core business values have brought us success, and we have every intention to maintain our practices for as long as we are in business.

View Our Raleigh Roof Repair Images

Check out some of our completed roofing projects in our roofing photo gallery!

We also offer roof replacement and repair in Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, Morrisville, and the surrounding areas.

Customer Reviews for our Raleigh Roof Repair Services

“Tim earned my trust to take on siding, windows, paint, roof, gutters, and gutter guards on my house.
– Tim was very responsive during all phases of work and initially came by the house 4 different times to discuss various scope options.
– Tim is customer focused, he will take on 100% of the financial liability until the customer is fully satisfied and has a 10 year workmanship warranty. He is truly passionate about making you the customer excited about the outcome.
– Steve, the foreman, and his crew are awesome and extremely talented.
– The Rain-Go team over-achieved the outcome that my wife and I wanted. (A practically maintenance free exterior that looks awesome and frees up many weekends for me to work on other things
– Tim and his crew were a pleasure to work with and we have the confidence that if any issues do show up he will promptly address. Now that make me sleep better at night!
– If you are planning to sub out similar work to multiple contractors – save yourself from all the headaches and issues that arise from managing multiple contractors. Give it to one contractor to be fully responsible for your outcome that can back it up with a solid warranty. Tim at Rain-Go is the best that I found and now that all the work is done we are extremely pleased and highly recommend Tim and his crew.”

– J.S. (11/20/2017)

Call the Raleigh roofing pro’s today at (919) 875-0700 or fill out the form for a free quote!

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