Prolonging the Life of Your Home’s Siding 

Siding material covers the outside of your house, protecting the interior – and you – from the elements outside. Taking steps to prolong the life of your home’s siding saves you money in the long run, and it also keeps your home more comfortable and secure. Signs of Damaged Siding One of the first signs […]
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How To Estimate The Cost Of A New Roof?

Are your roof shingles looking shabby? Installing a new roof is a home improvement project many homeowners eventually face. How much to expect in cost for a new roof depends on several factors, and you can plug in the details of your situation and estimate an approximate new roof cost by considering the points described […]
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4 Reasons To Do Exterior Remodeling This Summer

• The exterior remodeling of your home brings many advantages. The home’s appearance before and after exterior remodeling can be dramatic and can make you feel like you live in an entirely new house. People embark on exterior remodeling projects for a variety of reasons, but the end result is often exciting and profitable – as […]
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Choosing The Right Materials For Your Siding Installation Project.

Siding Done Right! When you decide to invest in siding for your home, you want it done right. You also want the assurance that it will last for decades to come. And that it will maintain its initial appearance it had when first purchased. When replacing the siding on your home, consider investing in wall […]
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Roof Inspection, Make It Routine. Call The Experts at Rain-Go Exteriors

When Was Your Last Roof Inspection? Roof Maintenance is essential to keeping a safe and functioning home. Since your roof covers and protects your entire home, it suffers some of the worse wear and tear over long periods of time. Even seemingly small problems with your roof left untreated could possibly spell disaster. Replacing your […]
7 Dangers of a Leaking Roof

7 Dangers of a Leaking Roof

Any homeowner or commercial building owner realizes the importance of maintaining a good roof over their building. A leaky roof can cause water seep into the underlying structure and cause a great deal of expense for repairs. In addition, there are a number of dangers that can result. • Underlying Structure Damage When a new […]
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What Is Involved In Replacing Your Damaged Roof?

When you are looking at a building, one of the first things you see is the roof. Keeping the roof in good condition will not only keep you but increases property value as well. If you have a damaged roof today’s market offers a wide variety of roofing options so it is not difficult to […]

Choosing the Right Shingles for Your Roof

Your home needs a new roof, and this time you want to choose the very finest shingles that will last for years to come. There are several factors to consider when shopping for new shingles. First, talk to your neighbors about their roofs and notice if the shingles are marked with black streaks or stains, […]

A Quick Guide to Average Roof Lifespans

Asphalt shingle is the most common, and least expensive, type of residential roofing you can have. But other options are available, and they include wood, slate, metal and tile. A flat roof is also an option. Deciding which material to use is based on many factors, including the price of the materials, what kind of […]